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What is Crypto Tuners?

Crypto Tuners is a massive NFT project which is creating up to 5000 cars for you to collect.

In stage one of this project we intend on releasing 1250 Nissan R34s, 1750 Toyota Supras and 2000 Mazda RX7s.

Each car has a set amount of unique traits each with their own separate rarities. Each car could have a multitude of different traits such as bumpers, wings, wheels, tints, mirrors, hoods and liveries.

pixel cars and parts
road image r34 gtr pixel image


A full parking garage of abandoned JDM legends... Will you be taking one home on 8/15/2021?


We will be sending out a total of .3 eth to 10 random owners! Tag us on twitter showing off your tuner for more entries.


We will be rewarding 15 Tuner Owners with another tuner for your loyalty! As well as offering stickers of your own NFT! Each Tuner you own will count as a raffle ticket for .5 ETH, there will be 2 winners.


We will hold a community vote for the charity we will be donating $10,000 USD to. This is all thanks to our community, you are the reason we can afford to help out the world! You'll start seeing us pop at car events, come see us or take a picture with our banner for a piece of merch if you own a Tuner, or a sticker if you don't! 5 ETH Giveaway split between 20 Tuner Holders!


Merch Line! Our artist will put together a number of merch designs and we will hold a community vote on which should be put on our site! Another donation to a charity of the communities choice will be made, as well as a 10 eth giveaway for our EARLY supporters! All cars purchased before the 2000 mark are entered automatically!


Driver companion drop! Each NFT you own will be granted a driver, you can keep these separate.... Or choose to combine them? Game development starts! Consistent updates in our discord server. More giveaways, partnerships and collabs!

pixel car pixel car pixel car

The Catalogue

By clicking or tapping on one of the three cars above you can see a catalogue featuring each and every unique Variation of the cars our team has produced. In our first release there will be up to 5000 cars for you to collect...


pixel car


pixel car


pixel car